Serie Siris II

Siris II series is a LED lighting that can be fixed to ceiling with an integrated equipment all under Ledsfactory’s brand . Its external ring is made of aluminium castings in white color lacquer, its high efficiency of its anodised aluminium reflector offers an opening angle of 90º x 70º and can be adjustable up to 60 º. Thanks to the design of the light and its Array  LED  provides a high visual comfort and it is anti-dazzle. Endowed with a head sink of molten high purity aluminium guarantees a perfect thermal management and a longer useful life of LEDS.

 Code DW1532440B DW1532330B DW1531930B90* DW1533240B DW1533030B DW1532630B90* DW1534540B DW1533433B DW1533630B90*
 CCT 4000K 3000K 3000K 4000K 3000K  3000K 4000K 3000K 3000K
 Power 19W 19W 19W 26W 26W  26W 40W 40W 40W
 Lumens 2400lm 2300lm 1900lm 3200lm 3000lm 2600lm 4500lm 4300lm 3600lm
 CRI 80 80 90 80 80  90 80 80 90
 Angle 70º 70º 70º 70º 70º  70º 70º 70º 70º
Voltage 220-240V AC 220-240V AC 220-240V AC 220-240V AC 220-240V AC  220-240V AC 220-240V AC 220-240V AC 220-240V AC

*NOTE: Availeble 3000lm CRI90 *NOTE: Optional Dimmable  


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